Frans Krajcberg Collection

Frans Krajcberg 

Born in Poland in 1921, and naturalized Brazilian, Frans Krajcberg was an artist who traveled through different fields, such as sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography. After the beginning of the Second World War and the intensification of persecution against the Jews, he was forced to leave his native country, finding asylum in the Soviet Union, where he began his studies in engineering and arts at the University of Leningrad. With the end of the war he moved to Germany, joining the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. He arrived in Brazil at the age of 27, in 1948, living in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraná until his move to Paris in 1958. He returned to Brazil in 1964 and intensified his research in the use of elements of nature for the construction of his works and in activism in defense of the environment, a characteristic that will mark the artist's production until his death in 2017.


Composed of more than 48,000 items, the artist's personal collection was donated to the Government of the State of Bahia in 2009 for the preservation and dissemination after his death. The collection, which includes sculptures, engravings, photographs, paintings and personal objects, is stored at Sitio Natura, the artist's former residence and studio in Nova Viçosa (BA), which was also donated from the Bahian government.

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Carried out in partnership with ICAH – Institute for Cultural Artistic Heritage of Bahia, the project aims to safeguard the collection, based on the identification and actions of hygiene, restoration and emergency packaging. After the inventory is carried out, together with IPAC, a strategy on conservation will be established – with partial transfer of the collection to a technical reserve to be defined – and dissemination – through traveling exhibitions and publications.

This project is made possible by the Federal Culture Incentive Law, sponsored by Termo Norte Energia.
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