Aclamação Palace

Used as the residence of the Governors of Bahia from 1917 to 1967, the Palácio da Aclamação is considered a historical heritage according to State Decree 12493/2010.

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Located in the Campo Grande neighborhood, integrated to the Passeio Público, it has a privileged view of Bahia de Todos os Santos and proximity to the Historic Center of the Bahian capital:


With the support of the Institute of Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Bahia - IPAC, this cultural project will deal with the restoration of fundamental structural architectural elements and the complete restoration of the Salão Nobre, in the New Wing of the Ground Floor, together with a heritage education program with workshops for the Palace to be reopened as a public museum.

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Project Feasibility

This project is made possible by the Federal Culture Incentive Law, with the sponsorship of the CCR Group.

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Contracts and agreements

IPAC - technical cooperation agreement



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